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Welcome to the " Voice of Egypt in Canada" website.
This site is dedicated to presenting the activities of the dynamic Egyptian and Arab communities in Canada. With TV interviews and weekly Radio shows broadcast across the country, we present the Arab world's community traditions, cultural aspects and contributions to Canadian society. "Egypt and the Arab World" monthly magazine covers articles, news, and cultural events from abroad and locally. 
For more than 30 years, Voice of Egypt TV, Radio and Magazine have been bringing quality and reliable topics to our community.
Sphinx Tours was established in the 1980's and has evolved into a major supplier of quality travel packages for visitors to Egypt. Our tours include 5-star luxury cruises on the Nile as part of our diverse itineraries to all regions of Egypt. We invite you to share the wonders of the land where civilisation began and walk in the footsteps of the pharoahs.
 George Saad, Chairman 
October 15 2016
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October 1 2016
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